Avialas represents elegance, high quality and good taste. Avialas sunglasses are exceptionally beautiful with a special appeal, made by the best designers and manufacturers of luxury sunglasses. Our select collection will suit any face shape or size. The unique details of our sunglasses will make you love the Avialas brand.


  • Polarized Lens

Our anti-reflection technology reduces glare and eye strain, for sharp vision and great contrast.

  • UV400 Protection

Lenses give total protection from UV rays.

  • Protection From Knocks

Flexible, tough frames protect from knocks, for extra safety and less risk of breakage.

  • Anti-Scratch Treatment

The lenses have a tough, rigid laminated surface that gives protection from scratches.

  • Shiny Finished

The quality of our luxury sunglasses is admired for their delicate and simple finish, making them special and elegant.